Friday, 2 January 2015

Review: Trial By Fire by Josephine Angelini

Rating: 3.5/5 stars

          This was a very interesting read. It had originality, which is something I think we all look for. I haven't read many books about witches or parallel worlds, this book had both. It takes place in Salem, Massachusetts, which very soon becomes a different Salem. A Salem that's run by witches. In this Salem, Lily, the main character, discovers that the witch who brought her there is another version of herself. She also meets the version of her best friend, Tristan. 

          The beginning of the book was sort of boring. The writing wasn't that amazing and I found myself not liking Lily too much. I thought she was just whiny and desperate for a Tristan to like her. My opinion on her completely changed later on. She became a much stronger person, magic and character wise. I absolutely LOVED Rowan. He was so sweet and caring towards Lily, Caleb and Tristan. Tristan and Caleb I also like a lot. Juliet in both worlds was sweet, she wasn't evil like her sister Lillian, and she really bonded with Lily.

          There was a lot of action, and I liked how we didn't have to wait to see Lily be trained by Rowan and Tristan. I sort of liked how in this world, nudity wasn't a huge deal. It was an extra detail that wasn't super important, but I'm glad it was included. "Claiming" was also something super important. Although I do think it would be kind of better if Lily could/would only claim people who really mean something to her. 

          Lillian...Lillian is in my opinion, is crazy. She has banned the study of science, and she is merciless towards people who study and practice it. Gideon and Carrick definitely aren't my favorite either. I really hope we learn more about Lillian herself and what she truly has planned.

          Overall, I did enjoy this book. The characters were like-able and the plot was quite well done. The ending was cruel, HOW COULD AN AUTHOR END A BOOK LIKE THAT? I am really looking forward to the next book "Trial of Tears." I would definitely recommend this to anyone that likes fantasy, paranormal and romance. 

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